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Local Civil Rights Restoration Campaign

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Protect everyone in your community from violations by local law enforcement

Abuses by local police can take many forms: surveillance and infiltration of peaceful activist groups as well as racial profiling (e.g., driving while black), national original profiling (e.g., working while Latino), and religious profiling (e.g., walking while Muslim).  If you're concerned about any of these issues, addressing them all—at once—provides an opportunity to engage other communities impacted by similar violations. See below for tools and resources that can help. Contact us we're here to support your organizing.

Local action

Different Agencies, Same ProfilingThe Local Civil Rights Restoration (LCRR) campaign protects the fundamental rights and liberties of law-abiding Americans to be free of arbitrary monitoring, surveillance, detention, search, or arrest by local law enforcement authorities; and focuses local law enforcement agencies on their core public safety mission.

In particular, the LCRR campaign model restores Fourth Amendment rights by limiting local law enforcement agencies' participation in:

  • domestic surveillance or intelligence collection without reasonable suspicion of criminal activity
  • immigration enforcement and information sharing between local and federal authorities
  • profiling according to race, religion, country of origin, or political speech
  • undercover infiltration of activist groups and religious institutions
  • cooperation between local law enforcement agencies and military personnel

The LCRR campaign reforms also include data collection and disclosure requirements, a private right of action, and liquidated damages for individuals whose rights are violated.

You're not alone. In fact, a campaign may already be underway near you.

For more information, or to get support for your efforts, contact the BORDC organizing team.


Organizing resources

Background on the campaign

Tools and tips

Sample fliers

Films and videos

In addition, BORDC can assist with legal research, community outreach, and public relations to support your organizing efforts. Contact Emma Roderick for information on how the Bill of Rights Defense Committee can provide this kind of support to your local campaign.

Legislative resources

War on terror: Information about surveillance

War on immigration: Information about local enforcement

War on drugs: Information about profiling

Law enforcement voices opposing profiling

Immigrant Roots // Immigrant Rights image by RVLTN Design.